Zap! Extra: Too Cute Erasers

Zap! Extra: Too Cute Erasers

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There’s an adorable world of kawaii fun just waiting to be discovered with Zap! Extra: Too Cute Erasers! It’s so simple: just take some eraser clay, sculpt and shape it into a super-cute character using the specialised clay tools, add personalised expressions, bake it in the oven, leave it to cool and voila!

This kit includes easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, hints and tips for making 12 gorgeous erasers, plus everything needed to get  started making at least five erasers that are just too cute!


• 48-page instructional book
• 6 packets of eraser clay
• 2 specialised clay sculpting tools
• 12 ball-head pin Kawaii eyes
• glitter
• fold-and-play display boxes